Create procedural meshes using splines. Includes a specialized spline editor tool for easy creation of simple common shapes.

Supported Platforms


Supported Engine Versions
4.15 - 4.16



    Have you ever needed a simple table made but your art team is currently swamped with deadlines? Or you just needed to create a simple filler object to make things fit better in your level?

    Rave Spline and Mesh Builder allows you to do that and more! Using a few simple splines, create static meshes to suit your needs all without even leaving the Unreal Engine editor!

    Usable to build walls, rails, stairs or even complete furniture assets for architectural visualizations.

    Primary Features

    • Spline creation and editing tools with templates
      Easily create splines with rounded corners and other complex features. A set of template shapes such as circles and stars is provided.
    • Procedural mesh asset generation using splines
      Using a combination of splines, create static mesh assets such as rails, stairs and furniture! Modify the shapes anytime within the editor. Finally, export your creations to a static mesh asset for future use.

How to get Started?

  1. From the Unreal Marketplace, Download the plugin
  2. Next, download the Example Project (4.16)
  3. Extract the contents of the Example Project and open the project RaveSplineMeshBuild.uproject
  4. Explore the 3 example files provided in the project under the maps folder: Overview, SampleObjects and SampleScene

Check out the video on the right for a quick step-by-step starting out guide!